Educate Yourself: Alcohol


Notre Dame is a unique university with many opportunities for academic learning, social experiences, volunteering, leadership development, and spiritual growth.

Many students believe that they already know what they need to know about alcohol when they arrive on campus. It is important to educate yourself on all aspects of how alcohol can affect you:

  • Socially
  • Academically
  • Physically
  • Spiritually
  • Sexually and
  • Emotionally

The reality is that approximately 20% of students at Notre Dame don’t drink, and about 60% of students are responsible about choices on most occasions. Please utilize the links on the left to help you with informed decisions and choices.

If you are interested in further education please click on the link below to choose a course. This will link you to sakai. Once you log in to Sakai you will click on membership then joinable sites. Proceed with the course that you are assigned to.