Drink Equivalencies


Having punch can lead you to worship false gods.
Know your drink.
Know your God.

One of the most common “bad drink experiences” is when students do not know what they are drinking. Following the simple guidelines below can be useful.

  • All alcohol is not created equal.
  • Always make and measure your own drink.
  • Any alcoholic beverage in a Solo cup equals more than one drink.
  • Drinking punch almost always guarantees disaster, regret, dangerous intoxication and remorse.

A useful link to assist with alcohol content and effect:
BAC Calculator

Students sometimes don’t realize that:

  • A Solo cup is equal to 1 1/3 beers.
  • 4-5 ounces of wine is equal to one beer. A large glass of wine can hold 8-10 ounces of wine: a Solo cup can hold 15-16 ounces of wine.
  • A Long Island Ice Tea typically contains vodka, tequila, rum, gin and triple sec, and can be equal to 4-5 beers.
  • A Solo cup of jungle juice or punch can equal 4-6 drinks. If Everclear is used it can double the effect of 4-6 drinks.
  • Mixing a drink in a Solo cup by pouring alcohol to the first indentation line (4 ounces) is the equivalent of 3 drinks. A more generous pour can equal 4 or more drinks.
  • A rum and coke made with a shot of Bacardi 151 is equal to almost two drinks, not one.

Regular Beer

Brand % Alcohol
Budweiser 4.82%
Coors 5.03%
Corona 5.03%
Genesee 4.70%
Guinness 4.27%
Heineken Dark 5.17%
Michelob 4.99%
Miller High Life 4.80%
Miller Genuine Draft 5.02%
Molson 6.04%
Samuel Adams 4.88%

Light Beer

Brand % Alcohol
Amstel Light 3.96%
Natural Light 4.12%
Bud Light 3.88%
Coors Light 4.36%
Michelob Light 4.52%
Miller Lite 4.40%
Molson Light 2.41%


Brand % Alcohol
Dry White 12.2%
Red/Rose 12.5%
Champaign 12.2%
Mad Dog 14%
Light Wine 7.4%
Dessert Wine 18.8%


Bourbon/Whiskey Proof
Bar Stock 86
Old Grand Dad 90
Yukon Jack 100
Wild Turkey 101
Rum Proof
Bar Stock 80
Captain Morgan’s151 151
Others Proof
Kahlua 54
Peach Schnapps 40
Peppermint Schnapps 60
Rumple Mize 100
Ouzo 92
Triple Sec 78
Everclear 190
Gin Proof
Bar Stock 80
Bombay 86
Tangueray 95
Vodka Proof
Bar Stock 80
Tequila Proof
Bar Stock 70-110


= 1 Drink

1.25 oz. Brandy
1.25 oz. Liquor/Mix
12 oz. Beer
7 oz. Malt
4-5 oz. Wine
10 oz. Wine Cooler